Flashback to blogging in the 90s

I was always fascinated with blogging. I made blogs when I was young and all of them never got anywhere. I remember everyone used xanga. It was the newest platform for anyone looking to have a blog. My cousin Jon shared pictures of his car and he wrote about his time in the army. I read all of his posts. They had a sense of nostalgia and intrigue that invited me back to read every day. There was also another lady that posted. I’m not sure why her posts were so interesting to me, but I couldn’t help but check back every day to see if she posted. No one in my inner circle quite owned a website, but they were all blogging.

Blogging died down for awhile. I started playing runescape! Wow what a flashback. That was maybe 15 years ago for me? I’m 25 now… and I must have been 10 years old. There was a guy that wrote about his days in runescape. I read ALL of his posts. They were so great and I remember checking back each year, but he never posted again. At this time, the content and the idea that people were sharing a part of their life was what made blogging so interesting. I loved reading blog posts. I couldn’t get enough and it seemed like there were very few blogs I actually liked anymore.

The next year, I stumbled upon a blogger named Hanna Beth. She was writing posts for buzzfeed, which at the time, had almost very little following. And they were only interested in blogging. She blogged every two days and I loved her blog! She had a cute dog. It’s crazy to think that blogging has always had a presence in my life. And it isn’t until now, that I finally committed to writing posts on my own blog consistently.

Back then, no one was worried about whether their posts were polished and perfect. The idea was that posts were meant to be imperfect. And that was probably what drew me to blogging. Everyone posted whatever they wanted because there was no pressure to become a certain type of person.

At this point, no one uses Xanga or blogger anymore in my inner circle. Blogging has died down once again. And the platform has been shifted to tumblr. It’s not quite the same though. I can’t help but want to bring back the nostalgia of blogging. Blogging for fun and not just for views. We need that in our lives. And that is what drives me every day for my blog.