What You Need to Focus on When Learning the Piano

I don’t think many people know what they’re dealing with when they sign up for music lessons. Yes, you might trust the teacher that you hired, but I’ve recently seen so many teachers that are pretending to be experts at the piano! It might seem ridiculous, but hear me out:

There was a story about a student that was taking lessons from an instructor. The student eventually went on to quit the lessons, but she decided to start her own teaching business after only having 5 months of lessons. Having 5 months of lessons is NOT enough for someone to begin teaching the piano. I have to say that this student also went on to steal the teacher’s handouts that he gave her. It’s okay that she thinks that these resources are worthwhile, but some originality has to come from her. She is not capable of teaching and she needs to create some originality. In some truth, I think that your resources and materials are not always yours. People can use your ideas for their own lessons and that is okay.

She went on to teach students the wrong material. It’s ridiculous. If you ever come across a teacher that does not have the right credentials, please excuse them from teaching you. You need the CORRECT information.

You should be looking for:

  1. Note reading
  2. Finger numbers
  3. Experience in sight reading
  4. Chord studies
  5. Circle of fifths
  6. Sharps, flats, and natural signs
  7. A lengthy discussion on all music symbols
  8. Treble clef and Bass clef

If you are missing any of these fundamentals, I am more than happy to help you. Leave a comment here with a question and I will respond as soon as I can.

A Teacher’s Set Up

This is one of the biggest questions I have for piano teachers. I am so curious as to how teachers are setting up their piano keys for their young students. For me, I am using different colors to get students to see which hands they need to use when playing the piano. The yellow is for the left hand and green is for the right hand.

I also have the stars for my newer students that are learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 🙂

I hope this was helpful! Leave any comments if you have tips on what to do to enhance the piano teaching experience for young students!