A day in the life of a piano teacher 🍎 🍏

I find myself really busy all the time. There are a million things on my todo list and honestly, there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done. For me, I always make sure that all of my students are progressing. And that takes a lot of attention and decision making every day.

Today, I started out with a doctors appointment. I cleaned out my teaching bag yesterday night so I have a clean start for this new week. I also answered some text messages from parents. I almost always get texts every day from parents either to reschedule or cancel a lesson. Before lessons, I spend time answering all these texts for the day. I then start packing my teaching bag. I carry a lot of materials with me when I go to teach. It’s a big deal to really stock up on materials because my students use it up very fast. After that, I usually almost always bring a big bottle of water and a coffee for the day. Then, I’m out the door.

For me, I use google calendar for all of my scheduling. I know I’ve written a separate blog post about google calendar before, but if you guys want me to write another one, I can explain more about how I use it. Google calendar is my lifeline. It’s where I store ALL of my information on lessons and addresses. I also store personal events and reminders for every aspect of my life on there. It’s kind of like a planner, but more catered to my style of planning. I also share my calendar with my boyfriend so he can see what I have to do for the day. He also shares his calendar with me. I glance at my calendar for the day and I see how my day is going to be.

I travel to each of my students’ homes to teach. It’s convenient for me because I don’t want to teach from my own home. And they like the convenience of it. Each student has lesson books and technical exercise books I’ve chosen for them. We go through the lesson by me watching them play. And I give feedback. At times, I’ll have to teach a concept and they just listen. I have four lessons today. That’s quite a large load for me on a typical day. I average about 4-5 lessons a day.

I don’t know how today’s going to go because I haven’t started my lessons yet. But I hope it’s going to be a good day 🤞 I hope everyone is having a good Monday!

An Organized Calendar is EVERYTHING

It’s that time again in which I am grateful that I have my calendar. I have tried everything from planners to calendars on my phone. And what I’ve been discovering is that Google Calendar is the BEST calendar that i’ve ever used. It’s functional and it has so many customizations (which is great for someone like me). I’ll list a couple of things you can do with Google Calendar:

1. Color code different events

This makes it easier to see which lessons you have to travel to and which ones are in your piano studio 🙂

2. Put very specific time slots and keep them the same every week

3. Show weekly spreads or three day spreads

This allows you to see a couple days in advance and you’re also able to plan out the next day

4. Move your lessons for a specific week if that student is only moving their time for ONE week

And you can keep the same time slots for every week the same!

5. Remind you when your lessons are coming up

There are two reminders that you can use and I don’t use this feature, but it is handy

6. The app is accessible on your phone very easily

There are so many features, but I feel like the best way to see how the calendar works is through pictures:

I am so thankful that I have my calendar. I’ve been using a calendar since I started college. If there were more customizations, I would be all over it! Let me know what your favorite calendar application is!!