Update: What Have I Been Up To?

Hi everyone, I’ve been diving full term into teaching lately. And it’s been something I’ve been doing since last December. My schedule has been hectic. Every day is a busy day filled with tasks, errands, lessons, and chores. It’s been nice to find the time to write this post for all of you. I haven’t had much time lately. For the past two months, I have been working with my best students in completing their level 1 musicianship exams. They have been studying and practicing their songs diligently. That also means we had to cram in multiple lessons before their testing days. On top of that, I hosted my third recital! This recital was split into two different days. Parents could pick which day they wanted their child to perform. I organized it this way because I have too many students. And I didn’t want my students to sit through a three hour long performance. (that would be a nightmare haha)

Ohh, and what else is new? I’ve been leveling many of my students up in their lesson books. They have also cashed in on their star pages. The star pages track their progress and helps motivate them to keep working hard. I’ve also been introducing some of my more musical students to singing. This is something new to them but it would really enrich their lessons. They have been working on singing This is Me from The Greatest Showman. Another thing that I’ve been doing is introducing my students to Hanon, and getting them back on track with working on technique exercises and sight reading again. I’ve been working on performing more and my next performance is tomorrow actually! My interest has shifted more into performance and overcoming my fear of playing in front of large groups. I’m getting better at it now!

It’s been great! I’ve been so busy and I wouldn’t trade all the work for anything. Being a teacher is tough. You are definitely pushed to your limits on some days. And I definitely have not shared all of the stuff I’ve been doing these past months, but I am still here. Blogging is something that I love, and expect more blog posts soon 🙂

Getting an office?

I’m not a real fan of owning an office. I kind of like working from wherever I am. And that’s very non-traditional. I don’t think I do well with having a set place to work. I definitely wouldn’t mind having a giant desktop and a large desk, but my favorite place to work is on my bed with my laptop. Wow, that must be different but I love it.

I’ve also thought about purchasing a piano studio where I can teach my students. Traveling is something that I enjoy, but it can sometimes cause me to be very anxious. The driving time is extensive and I think I would feel a lot better if I could limit my driving time. If I had to pick some piano studio designs that I really like, I would choose something like this:

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I love the concept of having a place that is yours. And I want to start collecting cool things that I can put in my studio. I currently carry all of my materials from house to house… it would be nice not to have to do that. I have some ideas for what I would want my studio to include:

1. Beanbag chairs that are extra comfortable

2. A really nice teacher’s chair

3. A desktop that has two screens for working

4. A wall to decorate with picture frames

5. Side tables with tons of drawer space

6. A comfortable rug

7. Lots of lights

8. A mini fridge

9. Tall trashcan

10. Personal restroom

11. A small bookshelf

A girl can only dream to have these things! But don’t worry, one day I’ll have all of these 🙂