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I recently encountered something today that got me thinking. There was a person that told me not to continue blogging. They told me that blogging was a waste of money and effort. Honestly, I haven’t even invested any money into my blog yet. I am writing purely for myself right now. And that is okay. Why do we feel the need to please everyone? Why is their definition of success so important? But more importantly, why is my definition of success not? I cannot understand why they would turn down my hopes, but I wish them the best. They might not be happy with their lives. I knew a lot of people that told me that teaching was a waste of time and it does not make someone successful. However, I am making much more than most. I am very grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dreams, but I want you to know that not everyone will support you. There will always be people that think that whatever you pursue is a waste of time. And you know what…? Forget them. They do not understand. When I decided to pursue blogging, I knew that it would be difficult. I knew that it would take a long time to gather a following…

What this person didn’t know is that I am resilient. I really like blogging and I will not continue to conform to other people’s definition of success.

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