An Update on my Life

Hi everyone 👋 I’m back from a short break. I’ve been sick from the flu and I’m actually still recovering from the flu. I haven’t been doing much of anything besides watching movies and resting. I’m trying to get back on the working train and start working again, but I’ve been afraid. I’m afraid to overextend myself and to work too hard when I know my body needs to heal; that is mainly why I’ve been cooped up in my house for a couple of days. I also know how my body reacts to stress and being overworked. I’m not the type of person that can work when I’m sick.

I have been working on my blog though. It’s easier to do because it’s on my phone and it’s one of the only work related things I’ve done in the past couple of days besides going to teach one lesson. It’s been nice to work on my blog and give it the attention it needs. I’ve been obsessed with mommy blogs because I want to be a mommy blogger in the future. Motivational blogs are also my favorite.

I’m probably not going to write too much. I’m going to return back to my resting after writing this. I’ve been watching movies on Netflix. Olympus has fallen has been my absolute favorite movie so far. I also watched the other two movies In the series. I even watched Anger Management with Adam Sandler. I really hope I feel better tomorrow because I have my lsat class tomorrow. And I have a couple of lessons to go to. I’m also meeting my friend to hang out tomorrow. I’ll talk to you guys later!

Perfect Day

I had the most perfect day today. I went out to eat with my best friend for dinner. We went out to Grimaldis🥂 it’s a pizza place that serves really awesome food.

I learned that my friends are one of the most important people in my life. They motivate me to tackle each day head-on. And I am so happy to see them when we are both free. Friends add so much happiness to my life. I’m thankful for all of them.

I also spent the day with my amazing boyfriend. We don’t always get to spend the day together because of circumstances beyond our control. I was able to eat lunch with him. And it’s rare that we can eat a meal with just us at a table. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and napping. I really needed to take it easy for the rest of the day. He was also sick, and I had brought all sorts of medicine for him. While he slept, I was able to play some games on my phone. I played Mario Kart on my iPhone. That is such a fun game! I got first place every single round. My favorite character is toadette.

I’m ending the day with working out at the gym with my boyfriend. I’m actually writing this blog post while I’m on the bicycle in the gym. I’m learning that life is so precious. If I didn’t take the time today to appreciate the amazing people in my life, I would have taken this day for granted. Thank you God for bringing my loved ones in my life. I’m also chatting with my other best friends on text right now too. My best friend just told me she’ll be back from Reno for thanksgiving. Life is great ❤️

I want to take this time to thank all my friends for making my life so much better. I love you guys.

Oops!! (update and day in my life)

So sorry I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth. I haven’t completely went away from blogging though. It’s been something that I’ve been thinking about constantly even when I was gone. I just haven’t had the motivation to write something. And I started procrastinating…and that just resulted in me not doing it at all. Oops!! I hope you can forgive me. I’m only human after all haha Anyways, I’ve been debating on whether or not to expand my music studio. I have a very strong studio full of students and a busy schedule. I don’t really need more students in my agenda. However, I am still getting new students. And that’s great, but that has also drained my energy level. As a result, I have been putting my expansion plans on the back burner. When I woke up today, I was like “I’m not going to succumb to this anymore! I’m going to start back blogging again.” And that’s exactly what I’m doing now.

I haven’t really told many people that I have also been working on making a professional music studio website. It’s actually starting to look really good too 🙂 on the flip side, that has also been put on the back burner for awhile. Furthermore, I have been putting my collaborations on the side and I haven’t been advertising for new students at all. Ahhh…. summer vacation is really getting to me. And I was supposed to continue working on my huge incentive program that has also NOT been worked on in awhile too. Oops again!!

So what am I going to do? Well, it sounds like I just have a lot on my plate. I decided to just start small and share with you guys another edition of day in my life:


A Day in My Life (Summer Vacation Edition)

Today is a short day for me. On most days, I’ll have lots of students to teach and tons of errands to run. However, most of my students are also on summer vacation so they are putting off lessons for now. Teaching during the summer is different. You never really know what to expect. The heat is blistering and inconvenient, but teaching during the summer is also very relaxing. There aren’t that many students to teach and you have more time to watch movies. OR in my case, ignore the large amount of work I have to do.

After I finish writing this blog, I want to relax for a little bit and then get ready to go to the crafts store. I want to buy more stickers and incentives for my students’ prize bags. And then I want to go eat lunch. After that, I have a meeting with a new student and two lessons to teach. That’s pretty much what today looks like for me. So… this day in the life is not too exciting. I buy stickers and other toys to fill in my students’ prizes. They earn a prize like this after completing their star chart.

The Great Sight-Reading Challenge2-The Plucky Pianista

That’s what their star chart currently looks like. For each song or good behavior, they get to color in a star. Once all the stars are colored, they earn a big prize. Pretty simple. I’ve given out about 10 prizes already 🙂 #proudteachermoment

If I’m feeling even more ambitious today, I’m going to work on work stuff. However, there’s almost 0% chance of that happening. I hope you have a lovely summer day and I’ll check back with you guys soon!

Also, if you want to check out my vacation blog that I just posted, click here!

A day in my *TOO* busy life

This is another day in my life and I want to take you all on the journey that is my Tuesday. Today, I had to go to a 12 pm lesson, and come back to practice my recital song and eat lunch. During the car ride there, I was practicing my recital song (I need a lot of practice lol). And I practiced on the car ride back and when I got home. Oh and I had to answer a bunch of texts and solve scheduling problems when I got home… I’ve been doing really well with keeping track of my weight and what I’m eating everyday, so I also used an app to track my calories. I decided to take a break and rest for now, until I just started blogging.

Around 4 pm, I have another lesson to teach and another to teach at 5:30 pm. In the middle of this time, I also have to practice the viola because I am wayyy behind on my practicing. I’ve been noticing that my life is slowly becoming completely raveled with music. And I kind of love it. It doesn’t even feel like I am working, but I am. That makes me so happy 🙂

After I teach my last lesson, I’m going to come back home and go workout. I took a break off of working out yesterday because my feet were cramping (I overdid it in the gym). And hopefully I can kind of relax the rest of the night.

Not all my days are this hectic, as you will probably see if you knew me. Every one of my days are pretty much like this. And I’m lucky if I even get to have lunch. However, I’m just thankful that I have time to blog right now. I probably won’t have time to blog on CleverlyBegun, but that’s okay. *Sighhh

In the future, if you guys ever plan to work for yourself, prepare for an uphill battle. I’m facing so much stress, but thankfully I’ve actually been getting sleep now. Cross your fingers for me!

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A Day in my Life: Piano Teacher Edition

Today is Monday and it’s kind of difficult to say whether or not I’m exactly happy for it to be Monday. However, this morning I started out by sleeping in. That’s one of the perks of working for yourself and making your own schedule. You get to plan out the day however you want.

I have quite a few things I have to do today:

1. Teach two lessons: 12:00 pm-12:40 pm and 5 pm-6 pm

2. Interview a new student at 2 pm- 2:15 pm

3. Pick up my packages in the evening

You must be thinking, “wow that doesn’t sound like a lot at all.” And you’re right. It’s not. I actually had to reschedule one of the lessons I had for today to tomorrow and I scheduled in a new lesson for a new student. Being a teacher, I have to manage my schedule really well. So it’s not like I don’t do a lot during the day because I get paid quite a lot for the times when I am teaching. Therefore, I don’t have to work a lot of hours each day. And hence, I can spend more time blogging and cuddling with my puppy Zoe.

The lesson at 5 pm is a traveling one. A piano teacher has two options, they could either teach at their studio and have students come to them or they can travel to students’ homes. It’s up to the teacher. For me, I combine both options. I find that some parents want to travel to my location for lessons and some don’t feel like driving. Around 4:20, I have to start making the trip to my student’s home and I get back home around 5:30. And then I’ll be done for the day.

Is it nice to only have to work for barely 2 hours and still make lots? Yes it is 🙂 And if you have any questions for me, please leave it in the comments below. Let me know if you like this and I’ll share more!

“Happiness is not a goal: it’s a by-product”