Reenergizing Your Blog

I get so many questions on how to start a blog. Many people feel like it’s difficult, time consuming, and just hard. They don’t know what to write about. And some even feel like it’s a chore trying to come up with new ideas. They start to post things that theyΒ thinkΒ readers want to see versus what they actually like writing about. And in the end, they become burnt out and unsatisfied. Blogging is very much like cooking. You have to simmer the pot for awhile. And if you’re slow cooking a stew, it will take hours to cook. What do you do while your stew is cooking??! You wait. It’s the waiting game. Blogging doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over many years of consistently putting out content and trying.

So how do you reenergize your blog?? IΒ really suggest writing content that you feel good about. Write about whatever you want. When you become a different person, people can tell. It just doesn’t resonate with people and you’ll lose viewers. Creating things that you care about is much more meaningful. It will make you feel inspired and the waiting game will not seem that long anymore. Let’s all keep cooking! Our blogs are going to be great πŸ™‚

I’m not a good competitor

Many people might know this about me, but I’m terrible at competing. I can’t compete to save my life! And that is a huge disadvantage to have. I wish I could compete with other people, but I like to avoid all the hostility that comes with it. For today’s blog post, I’m going to talk about the time when I had to compete with another piano teacher.

I’ll start the story with some background. I was in my second year of teaching and I was looking for some advice from another fellow teacher. I saw her website online, and I’m not gonna lie, it was designed really well. I really liked it. However, I didn’t have the funds or the skill to design a website like that! I kept it in mind though, and I knew that she was kind of someone that I strived to be like. Fast forward a couple of months, I needed help with finding a piano testing company for my students. I was searching all over the internet and I couldn’t findΒ anything. When I realized that I had no idea what I was doing, I asked this teacher for advice. She completely ignored me. And I was amazed! What did I do wrong? I’ve never asked her for help before, so why was she giving me the cold shoulder?

On Facebook, you can see if someone had read the message before. I saw that she had read ALL of my messages that I sent her. If she was so busy, how did she have the time to look at all of the messages? I knew that it wasn’t right to send so many messages, but you have to understand that I was in desperate need of some help. She posted on her webpage that she had all of her students enter the piano testing. Therefore, she knew what she was doing! All she had to do was send me the link, but she didn’t. I think she felt threatened by me and I have no idea why.

Okay, you have to understand that I am not the same age as her. She is almost twice my age. And I am only in my second year of teaching. She is probably in her 8th or 9th year of teaching. Why would she be threatened by me? Our city has millions of people. Even during the crises that our nation faces, she still had the audacity to be selfish. She wanted all the students for herself. Because if I were to have more successful students, I would become more popular. It was really unfair. We are colleagues. And I didn’t consider her my competition. As I said before, I’m not a good competitor. I’m not going to compete with her and I’m definitely not going to play these kinds of games. Update: she has been bragging a lot on Facebook about her studio. She still hasn’t replied to my messages I sent a year ago. If she has the time to post 3-4 times on Facebook every day, then I think she has time to help a fellow teacher.

We are not enemies, I want everyone to succeed.

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