Reenergizing Your Blog

I get so many questions on how to start a blog. Many people feel like it’s difficult, time consuming, and just hard. They don’t know what to write about. And some even feel like it’s a chore trying to come up with new ideas. They start to post things that theyΒ thinkΒ readers want to see versus what they actually like writing about. And in the end, they become burnt out and unsatisfied. Blogging is very much like cooking. You have to simmer the pot for awhile. And if you’re slow cooking a stew, it will take hours to cook. What do you do while your stew is cooking??! You wait. It’s the waiting game. Blogging doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over many years of consistently putting out content and trying.

So how do you reenergize your blog?? IΒ really suggest writing content that you feel good about. Write about whatever you want. When you become a different person, people can tell. It just doesn’t resonate with people and you’ll lose viewers. Creating things that you care about is much more meaningful. It will make you feel inspired and the waiting game will not seem that long anymore. Let’s all keep cooking! Our blogs are going to be great πŸ™‚

Developing Higher Traffic on Your Blog

I was recently talking to my friends and I realized that there are so many blogs on the internet. If we wanted to stand out, there has to be an increase in our traffic. But, what Lia… how do we increase our traffic? Many bloggers will say to create more content and advertise. I say that you should stick to a schedule in posting. Post every week. You won’t believe how much of that makes a difference. It takes social media and your handiwork to create traffic to your blog.

But once you have your blog advertised, the trouble is creatingΒ consistent traffic to your blog. This is the thing that I am working on for myself. As you might know, I am a full time piano teacher and I don’t have a lot of time in my schedule. I spend most of my time running errands and teaching. There’s not a lot of time that I take for myself. If I want consistent traffic, I have to find my viewers. Target a specific niche and stick to it. If you want to talk about your life, then make your blog a lifestyle blog. Your blog is a canvas and you can paint any picture you want on it. Enjoy this time πŸ™‚ I think blogging is amazing.

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