How to consistently grow as a piano teacher

When I first began teaching, I remember thinking about how difficult it was to sign up new students. I saw other piano teachers that were charging more and consistently getting new students. I’m not going to lie, I was jealous. I thought that I was a nobody because I didn’t have many piano students. I remember looking at other piano teachers and eventually hating teaching. I know that these are not great things to admit, but I’m only being honest.

At this time, I look back at my old self and I can’t believe how naive I was. I was my own worst critique. All of the things I’ve wanted from teaching piano, I’ve been able to receive. I feel like I’ve received more great things than I expected to receive. Teaching piano has been one of the best things to happen for me. I wish I could’ve seen it earlier in my teaching career.

The way that I grew as a piano teacher consistently was setting goals for myself. I told myself that I wanted to create something more for myself. I began posting consistently on my teaching blog and I also posted more on my piano studio Facebook page. If I never started those platforms, I would have been consistently stuck in the same place.

Growth happens when you make the effort to stay consistent with something. I remember the days when I didn’t feel like working and I went to work anyway. I made the effort to put in more work and I was definitely rewarded. Growing consistently as a piano teacher happens when you decide to put in more effort into your work.

The most important thing I want to mention is to build a social media platform for your piano studio. You wouldn’t believe how many times I was glad that I spent the time to create a social media platform. You don’t have to be social media savvy. I’ve seen piano teachers post themselves playing music on YouTube and they have grown quite a following. They’re not using any fancy camera equipment either. The only thing that they’ve done is put work into building a platform. Even if you post only one video a week, if you do that every week for a year, you will build a big platform. Don’t neglect social media. You will definitely need to create one for your piano studio.

The Power of Being a Teacher

Each day, I am reminded of how lucky I am to be a teacher.

There are definitely some days when I feel tired and I don’t want to teach, but there are amazing days when I feel like teaching is my true passion in life.

No other career has brought as much happiness for me than teaching. I remember days when I would receive handcrafted gifts form my students or when my students are smiling. I am reminded of why I love teaching.

If you are ever having a bad day, try to remember why you decided to become a teacher. There will be bad days, but I hope that you experience great days also.

Happy teaching!

Starting my journey with

As many of you might already know, I am an avid writer and I love writing blog posts. I wouldn’t have been able to continue writing on my blog for three years if I didn’t absolutely enjoy blogging. I started fiverr with the intention to grow additional income, but after testing it for a couple weeks, I decided that fiverr wasn’t for me. I wasn’t interested in working 4-6 hours for $5 in total. I know there might be many successful people on fiverr, but I don’t have interest in being paid for less.

Instead, I have been looking into I saw a YouTuber mention that this website will pay writers based on viewership and not on ad revenue. Word ads hasn’t been the best with making money. I have been looking for awhile for an alternative to word ads. I think might be the alternative solution that I have been looking for.

I really like the sleek, minimalist design that has for its platform. I don’t have to worry about designing a website template either.

Another aspect of that I like is that they can link blog posts to WordPress. This will be great for me to push my blog posts that I think will do better.

I’m excited to experiment with and I will keep everyone updated with how I like using the platform.

How to build a successful piano studio | My best advice for new piano teachers

Building a successful, referral based piano studio, is not difficult. However, just like every business, you will go through a lull in the beginning years of building your piano studio. For myself, my first year of building a piano studio was slow. No one knew I was teaching piano and I only had one student for an entire year. I had a friend that was interested in creating a piano studio because she saw how successful I was with mine. Her main concern was with how difficult it would be to build a database of students.

Building a database of students takes some time to accomplish. If you already have a waiting list of students, it could possibly take less time. My biggest advice is to consistently tell everyone that you teach piano. When I was building my piano studio, I gained a large student list from telling everyone about my piano studio. I didn’t just let people know once or twice, but I posted everywhere. Keep in mind that I’m a shy person and it was difficult for me to tell people that I teach piano. If you don’t tell anyone, no one will know about your piano studio and you won’t grow it successfully.

I want to make this blog post short because I’m a fan of working versus hearing motivational speeches about working. Even when I’m in my real estate classes, I would rather be working than listening about how to get work done. I know how to get work done. I need to just jump right in to working. You’ll learn as you go. Don’t give up and work try to work hard to get your business out there. If you spend most of your time prospecting for new students, you will get new students. There is no magic answer to success. I am still prospecting every day for new clients and students. We’re all in the same boat. I wish you the best of luck in all your teaching endeavors. If you like my blog posts, don’t forget to like and subscribe to my blog!

The Time I lost $1,000+ on Piano Lessons (My First True Experience of Extreme Loss as a Teacher)

I recently went through an experience that I never thought I would ever have to go through as a piano teacher. When covid happened in the very beginning of the pandemic, I offered some free lessons for my students. I understood the hardships that everybody had to go through and I wanted to be there for my students. Not having lessons for a couple of weeks or months can really push back a student’s progress. They would have to spend extra time relearning everything again. Now that I look back on what happened, I regret offering too many free lessons. I should have put a limit on the number of free lessons that I provided. I didn’t do that however because I thought that my students would only need a month or so to get back on their feet. There

There was a particular mom that needed lessons, but they couldn’t continue to afford them. I offered some free lessons because they were already my students beforehand. I thought that they wouldn’t need a lot of time to be okay financially again and I was also promised repayment once they had more financial income again. Therefore, since I was promised repayment, I knew that they were going to pay me for all of the lessons that I gave during the pandemic. As we already know, the pandemic lasted a lot longer than everyone expected. Piano teachers had to switch to virtual lessons instead of in-person lessons. All of the lessons I gave to them were through facebook messenger video chat. We continued having lessons for months. In the midst of these lessons, I told the mom my concerns about their youngest daughter. I told her if she would consider having two lessons a week for her ebcause she wasn’t grasping the material. The mom agreed and I was still under the impression that I was going to be compensated for all of the work I put in.

I don’t want to talk badly about anyone because they are genuinely nice people. I enjoyed teaching the kids and I didn’t know what was going to happen in the following weeks. I got the first installment of the payment early this year in 2021. It was $25. I think I was in disbelief when I saw the amount. I charge $40 for two lessons. I went to go check my cashapp, but i’m still downloading the storage to my google photos so I can’t check completely at the moment. It was still upsetting, but she told me that the amount was more than she could give at the moment. Please keep in mind that she only made one payment so far that was only $25. I continued to give them three lessons a week despite knowing this information. I don’t know what I was thinking. I legitimately thought that I was eventually going to be paid. Even during the lessons, I thought that I was actually making money but I wasn’t. During the entire fiasco, I was being misled.

During the end of one of the lessons, she told me that she was going to give me another payment. I was surprised, but very relieved to hear that I was going to receive payment for my work. Again, I was naive and I can’t believe I trusted her. A day or two days go by and I received no payment from her. I waited a week and a half to finally text her to ask about the payment. I’m going to check later in the app, but I don’t think the payment was more than $40. Keep in mind that I have been giving her three lessons a week and two lessons a week, all for free, for a year and a half at this point. I think that my brain was going to explode at this point. This final payment was during the time when I was extremely upset about how my student’s parents were treating me. Not all of my students are like this, but there’s sometimes one student that treats me horribly. Therefore, during this time, I was already clearing out my roster of students. I was letting some students go that I didn’t want to continue teaching anymore and I decided to let these students go. The mom continued to text me about lessons. Why would I continue giving her lessons when she has barely paid me for them? I’m not naive anymore. I think I finally woke up and saw what was happening. I don’t think anyone could actually believe that this happened to me. I funal

I finally let them go and a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I was free from their abuse. Over the next couple of weeks, the mom continued to message me. She was never angry and she was extremely nice. It was jarring to see her continue to try to get back in my good graces again. I never responded to her messages. There’s nothing much to say. I wasted a lot of my time and effort for nothing in return. The person that did this to me doesn’t think that they did anything wrong. yesterday was my birthday and she texted me happy birthday. I cannot understand how she can continue bothering me when I already cut ties with her.

During the period when I finally let them go, I wasn’t posting any piano videos or anything for my music studio page. I didn’t want her to continue to message me because I don’t want to have anything to do with her anymore. An entire month goes by and I was hiding from her. I didn’t post anything and I only used social media to look at posts. I never posted anything of my own. I would definitely attribute some of the loss I experienced with views due to me having to hide from her. Not only did I lose my money and time, but I also lost my viewership. I can’t truly explain what it was like having to go through this. I hope that other teachers never have to go through what I went through. Time is valuable and I lost a lot of it. I will never get the time I wasted back, but I hope that I can rebuild myself to where I was before. Thank you so much for reading.