Another great day of teaching ⭐️

I had another great day of teaching. I’ve been having a lot of those and each day feels like a blessing. I know I haven’t been a perfect teacher. And that’s mostly because I’m very critical of myself. I know however that I will never take this for granted. I am lucky to call myself a teacher and it has been a blessing in my life.

I am happy to see all of my students every week. I never knew how many people cared about me. I never had many people to talk to when I was younger. Everyone had their own lives. I found myself spending a lot of time alone. That was okay, but I truly wished to be a part of a group. And now, I have many people to talk to. They are as happy to see me as happy as I am to see them. If I didn’t enjoy teaching, I don’t think I would have been able to do it for this long. You truly have to enjoy what you do or else you won’t be happy. Thank you God for blessing my life and I appreciate everything you have done for me.

No stress

I’m usually the person that is the most stressed, but I don’t think I am anymore. I think I am finally learning how to cope with my stress. I’ve learned that things are never as bad as they seem. The world isn’t going to fall apart. And I now know that I will be okay. I haven’t had the happiest time in some instances. There were events in my life that almost completely ruined me. If I had a choice, I would be vengeful but I’m not anymore. I just chose to separate myself completely from the things that caused it. I still have strong ptsd moments from it, but I know I’ll be okay. And I am happy now.

Blogging has helped a great deal with my stress. It’s amazing how therapeutic writing about my feelings are. I don’t know why I didn’t do this a long time ago. I just celebrated my two year anniversary on WordPress and I can’t believe it has been that long. My life has changed for the better and as we start 2020, I’m glad to say that things are getting pretty good. I’ve learned so many things this past year and two years ago. What almost tore me apart had made me stronger. I believe that god showed me what I don’t want in my life in order to make me stronger. People’s words don’t hurt me as much anymore because I know that I am a person deserving of happiness. Nothing is perfect obviously, but it will get there.

I am looking forward to many successes in the future. I know I am capable. I don’t need New Years resolutions to know what I want for myself because I’ve always been working towards my goals. I truly am a strong woman now.

I don’t like following rules

I’m not a rule follower. I don’t know if this is surprising to anyone, but I’ve always been like this. I don’t like to be boring and follow the rules. I like to create rules or to challenge new ideas. That doesn’t mean I have trouble with the law. I follow the law and I don’t break those kind of rules. I mean that I don’t like being told what to do in certain circumstances. I don’t like it when someone tells me what to do every single time I talk to them. I have a problem with that. For example, I never like when my parents still tell me what to do. There are some things I will listen and do if it is applicable/useful. The other nagging parts… I don’t like. I like creating my own path. Being told what to do when you’re 25 is not fun. I don’t understand why I still need to be told things when I already know what I need to do. This has led me to rebel. And I crave independence. I love doing my own thing and it has led me down the right path. When I was listening to my parents, I was pursuing med school and I eventually wasted thousands of dollars only to stop doing it later. I found that that was a huge waste of time and money. Life has been better since I’ve made my own decisions. Every now and again, they try to sway me to do something I don’t want to do and I have to stop it from happening. Rules are just not for me.

A Rant

I’ve noticed that many people or businesses like to give you options, but they are upset when you don’t choose the option they wanted you to choose. They just assume that you will do whatever they say as if you are hypnotized by their selling powers. And the possibility of rejecting them is not an option for them to accept. I think people should have the option to say no when they want to. We shouldn’t feel obligated to always say yes just because we’ll feel bad. In many cases, I don’t think tipping someone is required. Tipping is optional based on the service. We are giving in too much to businesses. Money comes from peoples’ hard earned pockets and they are wasting it by tipping bad service.

I also believe that those who don’t work as hard shouldn’t receive the same benefits as those who work really hard. They should not be allowed to enjoy the same benefits as hard workers do. It’s not fair and it shows that they don’t have to do anything. I am so irritated by these people, but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

The future of my blog and what I’ll be doing in 2020

This new year will be a new change for me. I will be focusing more on school and studying. I feel like I have been so busy with other things that I haven’t had time to completely study. Don’t get me wrong, I study A LOT, but I want to be able to study more. In this case, I will be focusing more on my blog because I can work from home when I’m blogging. I’m going to have to rely on my blog more this coming year. It’s going to definitely throw me for a loop. For so long, I’ve been blogging every now and then. I will check in to see how my blogs are doing and I’ll read posts from other bloggers. I’ve never had to actually take blogging to the next level…at least not until this moment. I feel like this makes sense because a student couldn’t possibly work a full time job and go to school. I want to be able to work on my blog as a job someday. I know I’m not quite at that point with my blogging, but that would relieve a lot of stress for me. I would be able to work wherever I want and also study in the same place. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving blogging. I’m actually going to be blogging more. Look out for more blogs and I hope everyone has a great New Years!

Bring back the old Duolingo! 😭

I don’t know if I’m the only person that used to use duolingo to learn new languages. I was a huge fan of duolingo. I studied French, Chinese, Spanish, and German. It was my go-to app when I was sick. I completed tons of lessons. Most recently, they revamped the entire app and they deleted all of my progress… it literally took me months to complete all of those lessons. And I had to start from the very beginning again. Even worse, they made it so you can only complete two lessons a day. I used to be able to complete five or more lessons a day. It was basically unlimited and you could learn as much as you wanted.

I don’t think I will ever find a good language learning app like duolingo. And that’s such a shame. I’m so disappointed. I’m in love with learning French and now I’ll never be able to unless I download another app. I also won’t be able to learn how to read Chinese. I’m so frustrated. I can’t understand why every platform has to monetize their stuff. It makes everything worse. I am on the hunt for something else, but who knows if I can find an app like that. Sigh…

Thank you so much 🙏

I’m so thankful for my blogs and I know I don’t post as often as I would like. My blog has been one of my biggest accomplishments in my life because of how much work I’ve invested in it. I’m incredibly proud, even if this achievement isn’t as big as others’. I’m going to walk at my own pace. Thank you so much again for liking and reading my blog!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope everyone stays warm this season and has a good holiday! I’m going to try to escape the cold this winter. It has been freezing where I live. Even the back window and the outside of my car has ice. I am looking forward to relaxing and spending some time to recuperate from being so busy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

By the way, these gifs are too cute not to share!

Would you consider blogging full time?

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to completely rely on your blog for your job. I’ve heard of people on YouTube making enough from their blog to live, but I’m not so sure. I feel like you have to be blogging for a long time and you need strong blog posts. I don’t know what it would be like to rely on just my blog. I think I would panic, but it would be good to have the time to spend on your blog full time. You can construct better posts, post more often, and you can engage with your following more. I’m not considering going blogging full time, but I do want to be able to have my blog as a backup just in case anything happens. I’ve worked so hard on it. And I’ve worked hard on my other blogs too.

Do you blog full time or would you ever consider going blogging full time?