Frequently Asked Questions

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Since I’m pretty sure that you guys are instantly curious about who I am, I decided that it would be best to create a ‘frequently asked questions’ page. I hope to inspire and help you through to creating a business that you enjoy working for every day 🙂

When did you start learning the piano?

I started learning when I was six years old. I remember that it wasn’t my favorite instrument at the time, but I eventually grew to love it. If you do the math, I’ve been playing the piano for 18 years as of 2018. That’s quite a long time!

How much can you make from teaching private lessons?

I can’t give you the exact amount of how much I currently make, but I will say that it depends on how much you want to charge per lesson. I know that the ballpark range is $60-80 for 1 hour lessons. And you can probably do the math there. However, the income is very important. I know that people don’t really want to talk about it, but we should. Set your prices to what you feel most comfortable with.

Did you have a lot of students when you started teaching?

No. I started by teaching only ONE student. And I did that for a couple of months. You never start with many students because you are learning. Becoming a great teacher takes years of experience.

What is the best advice you can give to someone who wants to start teaching?

Just go for it. I know that it’s scary and you might not know what to do, but I’m here to help you also. You can read my blogs and gather more information. On Facebook, there are great fb groups to join. These teachers will help you to achieve your goals 🙂

What are your studio policies?

I don’t chase for students. Another policy that I have is that I will not be disrespected by the students or the parents. If they need to talk to me and they choose not to, then that is their problem. I am always transparent and open with my students and their parents.

How do you start a blog and start monetizing?

I’m going to write a blog about this in the future 🙂 Stay tuned