It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m excited

I can’t believe that I’m turning 28 tomorrow. It feels like so many years have gone by and time flies. I remember how I felt when I was younger. The world was completely different to me back when I was younger. As I’m getting older, I have a new respect for peace. I understand the need to feel secure and happy for myself. And that is the best gift that I can give myself today.

There are many things that I have also learned this year. Remember when I wrote about how I wanted a better relationship with my family? I wrote about how I stopped talking to them and then I decided to reconnect with them. It felt amazing to have my family back in my life again. And it suddenly stopped one day. I feel sad, but I know that it’s probably for the best. As my birthday is tomorrow, I noticed that none of them have asked me what I’m doing for my birthday. You would think that your own sister would try to take you to go somewhere or try to talk to you before the day/week of your birthday, but that is not the case. I’ve heard nothing from my sisters. And in some way, I’m kind of glad. I really want to be close to my family again, but I know that the amount of pain/exclusion that I will feel is not worth it. Maybe I am better doing my own thing without them.

Anyways, this week isn’t about them. It’s about myself and I will do my best to make me feel special this week. Thank you so much for reading. And as always, I truly appreciate your time and thoughts. I hope you’re having a wonderful day.


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