Update on my new course

Hi everyone! I have been missing in action in blogging for a little while. I have been workin hon creating and publishing my first piano course. And I’m excited to announce that I have finally published my first piano course. You can click here to access my course. It includes an introduction to myself, how to choose the correct piano for learning, how to practice correctly, and the basics to the piano. I can’t wait to begin marketing it more online. I am so excited to make more courses in the future. Thank you so much for always supporting me. I wouldn’t be able to be where I am without this blogging community.

2 thoughts on “Update on my new course

  1. I have checked your piano course, my son loves piano and he did some self-learning and can play a few music that he copied and learned from Youtube. I am also not always here in WP but when I am online I check the post of my followers and people I followed. Take care! C U

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