My Updated Progress with Writing on Medium in November 2021

Hi, everyone! I am beyond excited to be updating you on my progress with medium so far. Since I have last written, my follower count is in the 400s. I was previously at 125 followers. It has been so exciting to watch my follower count grow every day. There are times that I wish I had started medium earlier because of how simple it was to create an account. I think it may be even easier than creating a blog on wordpress. If you are thinking of creating an account on medium, I would highly recommend it! It can be an addition to your existing blog or a support account for your main blog.

I have a lofty goal of reaching 1k followers by the end of this year. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I want to have at least one goal in place to keep myself on track. I have been making sure to update my medium account and to share it as much as possible.

As of today, I have made $10 on medium. I think that’s pretty impressive for only writing on the platform for a month and a half. I read that other writers only made less than 30 cents in their first month. I know that it’s not quite as much money now, but i’m sure that it will grow consistently once I have more articles on my page. My current article count is 26+. Each article that i’ve written has been slowly growing and making a little amount of money each day. The $10 requirement for a payout from medium isn’t true. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t matter how much I make that month, medium will stay pay out the money to my account. For example, if you only made 30 cents that month, medium will pay you the 30 cents to your account. I started with only a goal of making enough money to buy a cup of coffee and it has turned into something that I can actually make money from.

My link is

Let me know if you have any questions about medium. I would love to help and give advice on how to get started with it!


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