Starting my journey with

As many of you might already know, I am an avid writer and I love writing blog posts. I wouldn’t have been able to continue writing on my blog for three years if I didn’t absolutely enjoy blogging. I started fiverr with the intention to grow additional income, but after testing it for a couple weeks, I decided that fiverr wasn’t for me. I wasn’t interested in working 4-6 hours for $5 in total. I know there might be many successful people on fiverr, but I don’t have interest in being paid for less.

Instead, I have been looking into I saw a YouTuber mention that this website will pay writers based on viewership and not on ad revenue. Word ads hasn’t been the best with making money. I have been looking for awhile for an alternative to word ads. I think might be the alternative solution that I have been looking for.

I really like the sleek, minimalist design that has for its platform. I don’t have to worry about designing a website template either.

Another aspect of that I like is that they can link blog posts to WordPress. This will be great for me to push my blog posts that I think will do better.

I’m excited to experiment with and I will keep everyone updated with how I like using the platform.

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