How to build a successful piano studio | My best advice for new piano teachers

Building a successful, referral based piano studio, is not difficult. However, just like every business, you will go through a lull in the beginning years of building your piano studio. For myself, my first year of building a piano studio was slow. No one knew I was teaching piano and I only had one student for an entire year. I had a friend that was interested in creating a piano studio because she saw how successful I was with mine. Her main concern was with how difficult it would be to build a database of students.

Building a database of students takes some time to accomplish. If you already have a waiting list of students, it could possibly take less time. My biggest advice is to consistently tell everyone that you teach piano. When I was building my piano studio, I gained a large student list from telling everyone about my piano studio. I didn’t just let people know once or twice, but I posted everywhere. Keep in mind that I’m a shy person and it was difficult for me to tell people that I teach piano. If you don’t tell anyone, no one will know about your piano studio and you won’t grow it successfully.

I want to make this blog post short because I’m a fan of working versus hearing motivational speeches about working. Even when I’m in my real estate classes, I would rather be working than listening about how to get work done. I know how to get work done. I need to just jump right in to working. You’ll learn as you go. Don’t give up and work try to work hard to get your business out there. If you spend most of your time prospecting for new students, you will get new students. There is no magic answer to success. I am still prospecting every day for new clients and students. We’re all in the same boat. I wish you the best of luck in all your teaching endeavors. If you like my blog posts, don’t forget to like and subscribe to my blog!

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