How to Handle Bad Days as a Teacher | You’ll Be Okay

There are going to be days where nothing special happens. Some days are forgettable and that’s okay. There are other days where you’re going to question why you ever chose to be a teacher. It might be because of something a student said/did or how the events of the day played out. I’m here to tell you that things are going to be okay. Every teacher has days where they don’t feel the best. We all have bad days. There was an instance when I had so many students drop from my piano studio. That was difficult for me. I felt unloved, not appreciated, and sad. Students don’t know that we care about them as students, so when they leave, it could be very jarring for us as teachers. I can sit here and tell you that I have had many of those types of days. I know that I will have many more of those bad days as a teacher in the future, but things will be okay. I know that I am still a good teacher. I know what my worth is and that’s the most important thing to remember when you are feeling this way. You are a good teacher.

I think one of the best things that you can do as a teacher when you’re having a bad day is to continue working. I know that this might be counterintuitive to a lot of what other people might suggest. However, in my experience, I know that I have deeply regretted taking the day off when I have had bad days. I wish that I could go back and work. I think that seeing my students would have helped me feel better a lot more than just recovering by myself. I also don’t want to lose the work opportunity that I would have had. It’s even more upsetting knowing that I lost opportunities. If you can, I would really suggest continuing to work. If this doesn’t work for you, it’s okay to take a day off also.

My last reminder for teachers that are having a bad day is to try to take care of yourself. You are only human and you will not be perfect in everything. I hope that this day will pass and that you will be stronger from this. Take care of yourself. You’ll be okay.

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