The Struggles of Creating a Course Online and Maintaining an Online Presence

I’ve been in this new phase in my life where I want something more than just what I have now. I am looking to expand my audience base and to create more. Having a facebook page for my piano studio has been a blessing. It wasn’t easy to create a facebook page. I had to consistently post on there and that requires work. Not a lot of people know how much work goes into creating a business. It has been more work than I thought it would be, but I am so thankful for my facebook page. Another platform that I created was my blog (aka the one that you’re reading this blog post on). I put so much of my time working on this blog because I genuinely enjoy blogging. Even though I have all of these amazing things, I still want something more. I have been thinking about creating a course. I already began making videos for the course. The struggles I have faced so far makes me very wary of continuing to make a course.

The first struggle that I faced was not having enough room on my phone to continue recording my videos. I didn’t truly understand why youtubers always talk about how they don’t have enough storage for recording their content. I had recorded other piano videos that I was planning on posting. Storage is still a problem now. I’m waiting for my phone to backup my content on google photos. The process is long because I have a lot of videos. I didn’t know that this was going to be something that would happen, but I guess it’s normal. Everyone will have storage problems and I should try my best to overcome this hurdle.

Another struggle that i’ve faced is a lack of energy to record a ton of videos. I think that I am overly ambitious. I have been harboring tons of content and I should have posted them. There are times when I sit down to record my videos and I get tired from recording for hours. If I want to be successful, I have to try to take it slower. I don’t want to burn myself out. I know that I work hard and I need to give myself credit. I honestly hope that this blog post helps someone that is struggling creating an online course. Don’t give up and know that everyone has struggles also.

One thought on “The Struggles of Creating a Course Online and Maintaining an Online Presence

  1. It is both hard to do blog and vlog especially I do both but I am mostly in YT now than WP but today I am making time for this to check and read blogs of fellow bloggers like U. Stay strong really tiring alright to do writing and video editing etc. Yes need more storage so I store it on my laptop then have another backup on my USB.

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