How to start a successful piano teacher blog | Five simple rules to make blogging easier

1. Make a website

The first step to creating a successful piano teacher blog is to decide which website hosting platform you are going to use. When I first started my blog, I did some research on the best website hosting platform. I remember deciding on wordpress because it was the most popular platform that a lot of bloggers use. I think that you have to decide on what platform is going to be the most beneficial for your own goals. Go through your goals and make sure that they match with the platform of your choice.

2. Decide what your blogging schedule will be

I decided that my blogging schedule will be every other day. I have my blog posts scheduled in advance so that they will post for me. I don’t like having to manually post my posts live because I am often busy throughout the day. I highly recommend utilizing a scheduling tool that will show you when your blog posts are going live on your blog. I also think about blogging ahead of time when I know I am going to be busy. Having a blogging schedule is one of the most important aspects of blogging. You should have all of these ideas in mind before you commit to starting a blog.

Another important part of scheduling is making sure that you are consistent in blogging. There’s nothing worse than creating a blog, writing some blog posts, and then leaving the blog unattended for a couple of months. I share my story a lot on this blog. I have a friend that began blogging the same time that I did. She created a blog that had about six blog posts and then she quit. I remember that she was getting initial views, but the quickness in quitting early greatly inhibited her blog from growing. I always equate a blog to like having a youtube channel. I quickly stop watching a youtube channel when they don’t update or post new content after two weeks. Having a blog is the same. You have to make sure that you are consistently updating your blog. Readers like when they see that you have posted recently. Therefore, having a blogging schedule is absolutely vital to starting a successful blog.

3. Create blog content

The next step to starting a piano teacher blog is to decide on what your first 10 blog posts are going to be about. The challenge is not figuring out what you want to write about, but it is about actually writing the blog posts. I found myself struggling when I wrote my first 10 blog posts. I wasn’t used to writing and I definitely struggled. Once I accomplished writing the first 10 blog posts, I found myself becoming used to writing. I was writing all of the time. Blogging became easier, and now, I write 2-3 blog posts per day. Creating blog content is important and you should spend as much time creating content as you are writing. Always have new ideas for blog posts in your mind. I would write your ideas as they come to mind. Constantly replenish your blog with new content.

4. Join blogging groups to promote your blog

I began joining blogging groups in my second year of blogging. I remember having trouble figuring out how to start my blog. The best part of joining a blogging group is trying to find other bloggers to guest post with. If you are able to guest post on another blog, you can link your blog to theirs. These will create great backlinks to your site and it makes a huge difference when you are building your blog. I built a couple backlinks, but I am still definitely also doing them for myself too.

5. Interact with the blogging community

Interacting with the blogging community is my absolute favorite part of blogging. I absolutely love seeing my fellow bloggers succeed with their blogs. I have found myself seeing the smaller blogs group just like my blog has grown. If you are only blogging by yourself, you are sorely missing out. Blogging is a community and there is no better way to expand your blog other than to share your blog with others. You have to let everyone know that you have a blog. Do not be a secret blogger!

Five simple rules to make blogging easier

1. Stay consistent in blogging. It’s not a sprint to the finish line

2. Stay patient

3. Write/create a lot of content

4. Always have pictures for your blog posts

5. Using keywords is a must

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