Frustrations of a teacher and how to handle them

Sometimes when i’m having a tough day, I credit some of my frustration to small things that occur during the day. I try not to bring my frustrations into my lessons because my students do not deserve a cranky teacher. Even when i’m upset, I try to hide it. It’s not productive for my student or myself for me to be upset. A lot of being a teacher is about hiding your true emotions. You have to put your emotions aside in order to be a better teacher.

Today, i’m having one of those days where I am not too happy about some events that occurred. Two things happened today that are small problems, but definitely not something to be really upset about. I try not to think too much about them. I’ll share these two problems and i’ll give you my approach as a veteran teacher on how I am going to handle them.

The first problem is that I needed to record some music and someone in my household is making a lot of noise. I had to stop recording. The recording is not going to be completed today. It makes me upset, but I am going to wait a different day to record instead. I’m definitely going to wait until no one is at the house. As a teacher, you’re going to encounter many times where people are unnecessarily loud. They are going to disregard your need of a quiet room. I have mastered the skill of avoiding any kind of situation where it could possibly make it impossible for me to work. It is incredibly frustrating, but not everything will always be perfect. I’ve found that a perfect place to work or to get stuff done is to work in my car. I can conduct lessons without any distractions or background noise. I have a funny story that I want to share about when I worked in the car. I was sitting in my car teaching three lessons that day. I was minding my own business without bothering anybody. I chose to teach in my car because I know it is important to have a quiet background. Someone came into my car without my consent and they opened the door. They interrupted my lesson. Not only was my student shocked, but I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. I now know that I will never put myself in a possible situation where that could occur. You, as a teacher, can only try your best to avoid bad situations. As long as you try your best, everything will work out. Try to stay calm and solve the problem the best as you can.

The second problem I ran into today is someone that has been continually looking for a free trial lesson. I don’t offer free lessons for a reason. I’ve learned that students don’t take my time seriously if they ask for a trial lesson. I already don’t have a lot of free time, so it is sometimes frustrating when a new student tries to take my time. It doesn’t mean that I don’t offer to meet the student to get to know them or talk on the phone to answer questions before the first lesson, but I specifically do not offer free lessons. This student asked me if they can meet me for 10 minutes just to see where they are in their current lesson book. They also have no intention to pay me for that time. I know this because they have been trying to get a free lesson from me for weeks. At this point, I am going to continue to hold my ground. They will not be getting lessons from me even if they decide to pay for the lessons eventually. If they are trying to cause problems now before we even had the first lesson, I know that they will cause more problems later on.

The big takeaway from this post is to trust yourself when you encounter problems during your teaching. As a teacher, you will encounter all sorts of problems. You have to be a good representative of yourself and of what you believe in. Do not let people walk over you. If you do not feel comfortable about a situation, let the other person know. As you encounter more problems, you will get better at solving them. Being a teacher is a learning process. I am still learning every day on how to become a better teacher. I’m not perfect, but I try my best to solve each problem as it happens.

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