When I was a new teacher, I remember that I was insanely jealous of veteran teachers because I thought they were so much better than me. I didn’t know what I was doing. I remember teaching my first lesson and I felt so embarrassed. I had never taught a student before. The time I spent comparing myself to other teachers was not worth it. I should have been focusing on myself and improving my own teaching skills. I wish I had someone to tell me that I should have been more focused on setting up my piano studio rather than focusing on the success of others. The time I spent is something I will never get back.

As a veteran teacher, I spend less time worrying about the small stuff and I am more focused on the larger picture. For example, I use Facebook advertising to help me get new students. I rarely spend time anymore thinking about getting students. I feel like I have become better at advertising. It has lessened my worries about maintaining a full week of lessons. Therefore, I have more time to improve my lessons and focus on my students. Advertising consistently and constantly is the key to maintaining a full of list of students. I have spent $1/day for advertising and it pays itself 35x and probably more in the long run. If you are afraid of spending money in your business, try not to be. You have to invest money back into your business to keep it running long term.

Another thing that I’ve learned as a veteran teacher that has saved me a lot of time has been to pre-schedule my posts ahead of time. I record piano videos of my own playing and I schedule them to post while I’m busy teaching lessons for the day. I’ve mentioned this before in my other blog posts, but this method has saved me so much time. It has streamlined my business. I can continue being top of mind while working. It’s great! I can’t recommend this method enough.

The last piece of advice I want to discuss is how I store points and track my miles. I make sure that when I’m working, my mile tracker is working. I have to track my miles for taxes. I also make sure that when I’m buying something, I am tracking it in an app or that I am accumulating points. This method has made such a difference for me. As a teacher that has to pay everything myself, I have to make sure that I am making the most use out of my money and time.

If you are looking for more advice to becoming a better teacher, I will be posting more. You can subscribe and read more of posts on this blog!



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