I always wondered when music teachers would begin vlogging or blogging about their day to day life. I finally discovered some fellow teachers on Youtube and I am beyond excited. I can’t wait for music teachers to share their lives because we have such an interesting routine. Not many people know what it is like to be a music teacher and it is finally time for the world to know! I hope that I can continue to post more blogs about my life and I really want this to inspire other music teachers in this community to continue to educate the future.

Today, I had seven lessons that I taught. I originally have eight lessons, but my eighth lesson was rescheduled. I waited in the car for a couple of minutes for the last lesson to text me, but they didn’t. It’s alright though because I am glad for the small break. I usually end my days around 7 pm, but I ended up finishing around 5 pm today. At the beginning of my days, I start teaching at around 9:30 am. It’s been a long day. The heat where I live is unbearable. I was sweating in my students’ houses. I should have brought new batteries for my tiny fan that I carry with me to lessons. Even when I have prepared as much as I can for the day, there is always something that I end up forgetting to bring. I bring a coffee with me all the time and then I won’t bring any water. As a teacher, you are always prepared to bring all of the stuff that you may need. It’s always a struggle to bring everything. My car is a mess of everything that I need to bring.

I’m ending today with this blog post. I’ll continue posting about my day to day life as a music teacher!


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