Morning coffee time for teachers ☕️ Talking about diversified income and how to handle two jobs

I’ve been struggling lately with working. I’m usually very good at my jobs, but I feel like I’m overworked. It’s difficult to handle two jobs at once. Since this year began, I decided to become a real estate agent. I’ve been working on my real estate classes and I enjoy learning more about real estate. I’ve also expanded my piano lessons to more students. This year has been great for me so far, but I always feel like I am losing time. I’m constantly feeling like I’m doing enough even though I work almost ten hours each day and six days a week. I know I must be overreacting, but I feel the pressure to work more than I currently am.

I wonder how other teachers are handling their jobs right now. Are they working as hard as they can or are they content with where they are? When do I know how much I can handle each day? I know that I am pushing myself. I wish I could just be kind to myself and know that I am honestly doing the best that I can.

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