Teacher’s thoughts: 💭 How do you handle such a busy schedule?

Today I was wondering about how I handle my schedule and why it’s always so busy. I use time blocking to fill my schedule. It’s definitely my favorite method of planning, but it’s not always effective. A busy schedule runs my life. I feel like I am always busy and on days like today, I am left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

My method of handling a busy day is to just go through the day as best as I can. I made a mistake today and I forgot one of my lessons. When that happens, I feel absolutely horrible. I’m a perfectionist and making a mistake is not something I take lightly. Since my method is just to turbo through my day, I often find myself looking at the clock and wishing that I could end my day early. I love teaching, but every teacher has that feeling when they want to go home early.

I don’t know too many teachers around me and that makes me sad. I’m part of a piano teacher group on Facebook and they help to keep me sane. I love knowing that there are other teachers like me. When I found the group a couple years ago, I was constantly reading the conversation threads. My advice to all teachers is to network and find other teachers in your field. You are never alone in your problems! Seek help from people around you.

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