What is Pocketful of Learning?

After years of writing on this blog, I want to answer the question that drives this blog. What is pocketful of learning? My friends and family know what my blog is called, but I don’t think anyone truly knows the purpose of why I created this blog. A couple years ago, I had a dream that I would be a blogger. I dedicated many hours to creating this blog and I am still proud of how much work I’ve invested in this blog. My posts are all created by myself. I wouldn’t trade the years of blogging I’ve had for anything in the world. The entire purpose of this blog is to help other teachers and potential students achieve excellence in their learning. I want to share with teachers how to get better at teaching. I also want to encourage students to continue learning.

I believe that learning is the most important drive that we all have. We need to continue striving for excellence in learning and this field is my speciality. I have been changing my teaching techniques. I learned that teaching is a field entirely by itself. Ultimately, teaching is something that has to be consistently worked at. We always have to be striving to be better teachers. I hope that pocketful of learning has changed someone’s perspective on teaching. I will continue to teach others about the art of teaching. I truly appreciate all the support I’ve gotten and please continue to look out for more posts from me. Pocketful of learning will continue to grow and I’m excited for the future of my blog!

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