Why do you need a piano teacher?

I get this question quite often from many prospective students as they are searching for a piano teacher. I teach the piano and I absolutely love teaching it. I also teach the double bass, but I have more piano students than double bass students in my music studio. Learning the piano is always an ongoing process. A teacher is there simply to guide the student along the correct path. If you don’t have a teacher guiding you, you’ll get lost. When you reach a song that you have no clue how to play, it’s not a surprise because you don’t have a teacher to help you!

Having a teacher is also beneficial because you have someone that will pull you along the process quicker. I know from my own experience that a teacher will make sure that you are continually making progress each week. I make sure my students know which page they are on in their books and I tell them what our progress is each week. I want them to know that they are getting better. It helps to discourage feelings that progress is slow or not occurring. We are always making progress! I make sure of it and I know that teachers love to see their students make progress also.

Having a piano teacher is a game changer because more doors will open for you. I post tons of information for my students on my business page and I’m also working on creating a blog in order to post more information for them. I have a strong list of websites and resources for my students that would be difficult for them to acquire by themselves. I make sure that I’m sharing this with them. Having me as a teacher is a benefit because I am familiar with all of the resources and I make sure that these are available to them. I also host recitals for my students to give them the opportunity to perform. It’s important for me to have my students perform. Not many piano players will get the chance to play in front of an audience in their piano career. I open that door for them. I also have access to local, state, and national competitions. My students are able to advance their playing by joining competitions and ensembles of musicians. I have access to musicianship level testing for all of my students. Having a teacher for this purpose is insurmountable.

Having a piano teacher is incredibly important. I will be posting more on what to expect from piano lessons and playing the piano. I’ve previewed the internet and I don’t see many posts on how to prepare students for piano lessons. I hope to provide more insight in this topics and to be able to share it with you in order to prepare you for a piano career. Best of luck with playing!

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