How to be productive while you’re sick

Hi guys 👋 You might all know, but I’m sick right now and I don’t feel well. I feel really sick. I want to lay in my bed all day. I have zero energy to do anything, but I have to work. Therefore, I am forcing myself to be productive. I only took one day off this entire time that I’ve been sick. I’m not too sure if it’s a good idea to continue working when you’re sick, but I have no other choice.

How to be productive when you’re sick?

The first thing I do is consult my google calendar on the list of appointments I have for the day. I also check my business messages and emails. I mainly center my workday around these. After I do that, I start my morning routine. I take my medicine, eat something, shower, and I open up my laptop.

The main trick I’ve been using to be productive is to just force myself to do it. If I overthink about something, I end up never doing it. I start working on the task and it ends up being easier to do than I thought it would be. I then end up getting a lot of things done. For example, I’ve been studying for my exam coming up next February. No one wants to study, but I open up my learning modules and I just start studying. Be consistent. Keep going and don’t be too herd on yourself if you aren’t productive every day.

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