How to start teaching piano

How do I start teaching piano if I am interested in being a piano teacher? It’s not as hard as you may think. If you are interested in teaching piano, I would start advertising your services in all sort of avenues. For example, I started telling people that I teach piano. Telling people is the easiest way to begin advertising. Word of mouth goes a long way. People tell other people and soon enough, a lot of people will begin noticing. I started teaching piano this way. I let people know that I am teaching and they found it easier to hire a piano teacher when they know one.

The second way I began teaching was by advertising on Facebook. I recommend posting on your Facebook wall every so often, but not overdoing it. Posting on certain Facebook garage sale pages helped a lot too. I would also post on neighborhood group pages. Make sure you follow the guidelines on these pages. During this time, the pandemic is making it less likely that people want to hire a piano teacher. That’s okay. I would still post maybe once a month and just wait. Waiting for a response to these posts goes into my next topic of discussion.

I didn’t begin having a full piano studio right away. I actually started with only one student for a long time. It took me awhile to build a good reputation. I waited for students to join my studio. It took a lot of patience and consistency. It wasn’t until I reached my fifth year of teaching that I didn’t have to advertise as much anymore. Of course now, because of the pandemic, I definitely have to advertise more often. I don’t get many leads right now. When the pandemic nears the end, however, I’m thinking that more parents will be willing to start piano lessons for their children.

The last topic I want to discuss is how to develop a good reputation. Developing a good reputation is my number one way of getting new students. When you are teaching, make sure you do a good job. I sometimes give my students extra time. I often gift my books for free. You can also make your lessons more fun. All of these are great ways to develop a good reputation. If you are known for being a great piano teacher, parents will recommend you to their friends. And you will start getting more students without advertising. Focus on being a good teacher for your students! Make this your number one priority.

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