Still suffering from neck pain

I’m writing this from the bike at my gym. Today, I worked about 7-8 hours with medium to severe neck pain from my car accident. It has been horrible to have this pain throughout the day, but I couldn’t stop work just because of my pain. I need to continue to work so I can pay off the damages to my car. And that is absolutely necessary for me to do. I might be able to take some time off, but today was not a day I could take a day off. There was way too much work I had to do along with preparing my students for festival and musicianship exams. They need me to be there to make sure everything is moving forward. And I have students that need to prepare for our annual recital.

I did take some natural remedy that I bought from Sprouts, but I feel like it only works somewhat. I probably need to go see a chiropractor and I don’t think I can avoid it anymore. I need to be present for my students during this time of year or else they won’t be able to compete. And this is what we have worked hard for. I’ve been slowly leveling all of them up, so I can prepare them to take the next step in their exams.

I’ve been looking into teaching through FaceTime or online. I have done that with one student when I was unable to have lessons face to face. I just don’t think it would work with my younger students. It might, but there are way too many things we have to do during lessons. The good news is that I’ve almost completed my entire to do list. And I’m pretty proud. I’ve been working every single day at it. The list had about 15-25 items on it. I’m a busy person, but it’s all worth it. I love feeling accomplished.


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