Why so many people hate the ending for Alex Karev in Grey’s Anatomy

I’m not going to lie… I hated it too, but I’ve been thinking about the ending a lot. Alex ended up going back to Izzie to take care of his children he never knew he had. And I’m sure everyone including me are stunned to see him leave Jo. I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy for many years and while I don’t watch it on television when new episodes air, I keep up with the show through YouTube clips as they’re uploaded. I watch all of the clips and I read articles about what’s happening. I know many people might disagree with me about this, but I like the ending for Alex. Izzie broke his heart and ran away. We don’t know if she ran away because she didn’t think Alex could ever be great husband material. She just gathered everything she had and left. It left Alex completely broken. In many ways, the young Alex we all disliked could never be responsible for children. He was immature and unlikable. It makes sense that he is now ready to have children of his own. His entire life has changed. I’m pretty sure that if Izzie came back into his life, he wouldn’t be with her. The reason why he chose her is because he found out he has kids. He would never abandon them like he was abandoned. I honestly like this ending for Alex. And I urge everyone to sit with this ending for a couple of days. I promise you’ll slowly start to see that this is the only proper ending for Alex. The writers are truly amazing.


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