Not a good year so far

I’ve had a rough start to this year. I didn’t get the lsat score I wanted and I feel like my mental status tanked completely. I was also sick multiple times and it’s only February. I don’t know if this is foreshadowing how the rest of my year will be. I know I shouldn’t think of it this way, but I can’t help it. I want a good year for myself. And I want to achieve my goals. Maybe life is not always about achieving goals, but to constantly want to improve. The end is not better than the journey. I’ve been working so hard to make a better life for myself. And I feel like my efforts are lost. I really hope that things get better soon.


5 thoughts on “Not a good year so far

  1. My year isn’t going good either and this month has been the worst so I know how you feel but don’t give up. Ip and downs are a part of life and I’m sure it’ll get better for us soon.

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    1. you will. Rest, recover and retry! RRR 🙂

      Maybe change is around the corner.

      I don’t know what life is about either; keep on exploring and tell us all about it.

      Hope you feel better.

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