A Rant

I’ve noticed that many people or businesses like to give you options, but they are upset when you don’t choose the option they wanted you to choose. They just assume that you will do whatever they say as if you are hypnotized by their selling powers. And the possibility of rejecting them is not an option for them to accept. I think people should have the option to say no when they want to. We shouldn’t feel obligated to always say yes just because we’ll feel bad. In many cases, I don’t think tipping someone is required. Tipping is optional based on the service. We are giving in too much to businesses. Money comes from peoples’ hard earned pockets and they are wasting it by tipping bad service.

I also believe that those who don’t work as hard shouldn’t receive the same benefits as those who work really hard. They should not be allowed to enjoy the same benefits as hard workers do. It’s not fair and it shows that they don’t have to do anything. I am so irritated by these people, but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.


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