Bring back the old Duolingo! 😭

I don’t know if I’m the only person that used to use duolingo to learn new languages. I was a huge fan of duolingo. I studied French, Chinese, Spanish, and German. It was my go-to app when I was sick. I completed tons of lessons. Most recently, they revamped the entire app and they deleted all of my progress… it literally took me months to complete all of those lessons. And I had to start from the very beginning again. Even worse, they made it so you can only complete two lessons a day. I used to be able to complete five or more lessons a day. It was basically unlimited and you could learn as much as you wanted.

I don’t think I will ever find a good language learning app like duolingo. And that’s such a shame. I’m so disappointed. I’m in love with learning French and now I’ll never be able to unless I download another app. I also won’t be able to learn how to read Chinese. I’m so frustrated. I can’t understand why every platform has to monetize their stuff. It makes everything worse. I am on the hunt for something else, but who knows if I can find an app like that. Sigh…


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