I REGRET using LsatMax

LsatMax is a prep course designed for those that that are applying to law school and planning on taking the lsat. I am interested in both, so I decided to download the LsatMax app half a year ago. And it was the worst decision I ever made.

I thought the app was kind of lackluster and not very good at teaching the lsat, so I stopped using it. Plus, it required you to pay money to continue the courses. And I don’t want to pay. That’s fine. I just continued to use the free functions and I thought everything would be okay. I put in my information because I thought it was part of a professional business and I thought nothing less of this company. I also liked their function where you can look at scholarships from schools. Anyways, as I progressed through my studies, I stopped using the app. I stopped mainly because it was clear to me that the app was not good and it was not going to help me with anything. I ended up using other better resources to study.

After about six months, I continued to get calls and emails from LsatMax. Each time I would block their phone number, they would call me from a different number. They left me voicemails asking me if I took the lsat already and they told me they just want to chat. I also got text messages from them! I opted for them to stop contacting me and they did for about a month. They continued to harass me after that. I got a call today and another voicemail. I blocked that number. I’ve also found more ads from them, but I’m sure that is just a coincidence. Nevertheless, I’m sick of this company constantly harassing me. I can’t block their number enough. They just keep changing it. If I didn’t end up using their prep course, I don’t need to be harassed for it!

4 thoughts on “I REGRET using LsatMax

  1. Telemarketers and their strategies are one of those modern day annoyances we have little control over despite all the options to supposedly shield ourselves much less cut them off. If the harrassment is that bad, file a complaint against the company online with the FTC or with the colleges you are specifically interested because those schools want to know who the scammers are that deter possible paying students. Can’t help you on the phoning part other than what you are doing, but as far as online goes, go into your browser settings and clear all cookies. It should reset your tracks enough to stop seeing their ads. Keep in mind that depending on what other sites you visit, it can restart them because part of their ad strategy may be to target folks who click on certain college programs or who search for information somehow related to what they want to sell you. Your best bet to get even? Post a YouTube video called “Response to…” and then whatever their company name is. Then share your link on Facebook and your other blogs. Sometimes publicly calling them out will help get you off their list, but other times, you just feel better knowing you get your say about their smarminess out there for others to see so they DON’T get sucked into the web.

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    1. Yes I agree! I’m not too keen on doing something back, but I feel like posting this blog post really helped to clear my mind about the situation.


  2. LSAT MAX SUCKS!!!! They are literally stalkers. I block a new number every single day. The worst thing is that there are so many better modes of studying out there, but their site is one of the most advertised, if not, THE most advertised, so it traps new comers. My first item of business as a lawyer, assuming I do well on the january LSAT, is suing them.

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    1. Yes!! They are stalkers. The best method of prepping for the lsat is just doing actual practice questions. I have tons of their numbers blocked too 😂


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