Five things I’ve learned from blogging

Throughout my short time with blogging, I’ve learned a couple of things along the way:

1. Blog about whatever you want. Don’t let other people tell you what to write. If you write about what inspires you, it’s more likely to be a good post.

2. Short blogs posts are okay. You’re not always going to want to write long posts. And you’ll want to write something, just don’t be afraid to write short posts. They’re easier to read and sometimes they are better than longer posts.

3. Reading other peoples’ blogs are inspirational. You can see how other bloggers present their content and it helps to see how good bloggers post.

4. Liking other peoples’ blog posts back when they like yours is an absolute necessity. It’s like when someone says thank you and you say you’re welcome. It’s polite and it shows that you are thanking them for reading your content.

5. Blogging is not accomplishable in one day. It takes months and sometimes years to create an empire. Each blog post is like a mini advertisement that can grab traffic. The more blog posts you write, the more chances you have for attracting traffic. Each blog post is an investment.


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