What do I do if no one is reading my blog? Aka “Ghost Town”

Writing to no one is probably every blogger’s fear. We spend all of our time writing a great blog post and once you go to post it, you find that no one is there. No one reads it. The term is called ghost town. And what everybody doesn’t know is that writing to a ghost town is completely normal. Imagine if you set up a shop on the corner of your street. You fill the shop with all of your products and you wait for someone to come by. On the first day, no one shows up and you have zero sales. Wondering what went wrong, you show up the second day and you get one sale. Oh, that’s not the amount of sales you were hoping for especially if you sat there for two to three hours waiting. What did you do wrong? Is there something wrong with your products? No, it’s not you. It’s the fact that there are hundreds of other shops next to your shop. The viewer is faced with the decision to visit your blog or they can visit somewhere else. And you have to really ask yourself: Is your blog worth stopping by? Are your posts helpful? Are they worth reading? Don’t lie to yourself. Truly evaluate your blog and ask yourself if you would stop by if it wasn’t yours.

Writing to a ghost town is completely normal. You have to know that the town is not always going to be empty. People will show up, but they’ll show up gradually. Your main focus should be on your content. Make your content the best that it can be! Write about what makes you happy. Make sure your blogs are helpful and that you keep them long. Short posts don’t gain as much attention and traffic than longer posts. You shouldn’t be so worried about viewership in the beginning of your blogging journey though. Why would you worry about it? I wouldn’t. I would focus on stepping up my posts and making them super readable and likable. And I recently stopped looking at my blog stats. Don’t put all of your attention to your blog stats. It costs you too much energy. Eliminate your stress completely and enjoy the ghost town phase as best as you can. Embrace it! There’s nothing to be ashamed of. All of us start somewhere. I used to get one or two views on this blog. And I still continued to write. It’s okay -hakuna matata.


Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 9.24.07 PM

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 9.32.08 PM.png


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