Working on my blog

It’s been a long road and I don’t think anybody knows how much work it takes to have a decent blog. You have to constantly update it every day and there are additional things you have to worry about. Keeping new content is a big issue. No one wants to read posts that are more than two months old. And my blog doesn’t support plugins to hide the dates of my posts. I also have to add in amazon affiliate links; those take forever to do. I’ve also been searching on different monetization strategies. My blog isn’t quite there, but I have many ideas. And I hope I can help other people with their blogs along the way. I learned recently that word ads updates monthly. And U.S. based readers are worth more in ad monetization. Word ads also works by counting impressions. It depends on people to see the ads, but they don’t have to click on it. You will get paid if they see it. A lot of other blogs have been confusing on this question and I thought I would make it clear here. If you want to use google adsense, you need to have a WordPress business account. Having a premium WordPress account is not going to let you configure the html on your blog that google adsense needs you to do. You can still run ads on WordPress premium by using word ads though. Taking the next step to purchase WordPress premium is well worth it. I also learned that part of blogging includes major reader interaction. You have to be generous and give meaningful comments on other blogs. I enjoy doing this and I only like posts that I find interesting. I’ve learned so much in the last couple of days and I’m excited to learn more.


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