It’s been quiet in the blogging sphere 🍃

There was a huge influx of bloggers posting and I haven’t seen any new posts lately. My favorite bloggers haven’t been posting any new blog posts either. It’s been surprisingly quiet lately.

I’ve been thinking about blogging in comparison to artists. We all set up our shops with our content and we hope someone likes them enough to stop by. Our content are our art pieces 🖼 and we are the artists; this reminds me of the classical era in music. Composers like Beethoven were writing original pieces and hoping that they gain popularity. He was renowned for his work. And terribly disliked by his community. Beethoven wrote hundreds of songs and he always remained focused on his greater work. As bloggers, we have to consistently focus on our work. If we don’t post for awhile, our blog becomes forgotten. On the other hand, if you post great content, they will never be forgotten. Fur Elise is not forgotten. Actually, it’s one of the most popular songs of all time. These are just my thoughts about blogging today.

Let me know what you think 💭


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