How much does a piano cost? (Keyboard, Upright and Grand Piano) A helpful guide to also buying a piano

Not everyone can afford to buy a piano. And if you really want to start learning the piano, that could be a big problem. That’s why I want to help you find the right piano for you and make sure you get it at the right price.

A keyboard is your best bet for a beginner and especially for younger children. The keys are softer and easier to play than a real piano. I caution you to look for an 88 key piano and not settle for less than that. If the keyboard has 88 keys, then that means it is a full piano. Anything less, unless you are buying a keyboard for a 2-3 year old, is not good enough. Another thing to be wary of is how big the keys are. They should be normal size and not smaller. I’ve found that some keyboards on amazon sell these cheaper keyboards with smaller keys. I also caution against keyboards that have an electronic sound. It will not sound pleasant and it gets tiring very quickly listening to it. Weighted keys (keys that can change in volume by how hard or little pressure you use to press it) are the best, but not absolutely necessary for beginners. I would also look into making sure the keyboard comes with a stand to hold it up. Be careful of online purchasing. The best way to purchase any piano is to see it in person. Keyboards can range from $80-$200. I would say $120 for a keyboard will guarantee that it’s a good quality.

I want to give a small mention to the amazing pianos they sell at guitar center pictured below. The Williams Rhapsody 2 88-key digital piano is the best piano for its price. It’s priced at around $500, but completely worth it. You won’t have to purchase another piano after this and it will keep its pristine quality for a lifetime. Since it’s digital, you don’t have to worry about tuning the piano either. I love that it comes with two pedals, a full set of 88 keys, a recording ability for piano players to hear how they play, weighted keys, a metronome (to count the beats in a song), and a stand to hold the music up. Shout out to the best piano ever made at the perfect price! My students love this piano and I love it also.

What is an upright piano? An upright piano is in the featured picture of this post. It is considered a real piano with pedals. I also have a piano bench that goes with the piano. My preference for upright pianos are “bright” sounds and soft keys. Each piano will have a different “touch” and you have to try it yourself to see how the piano keys feel. Some will be harder to push down and some pianos have lower sounds. Pedals are absolutely necessary if you are an intermediate piano player. Buying an upright piano is not necessary for a beginner piano player. The costs go from $2,000-$15,000 depending on the make and model of the piano. I prefer black because it’s easier to clean and it always looks nice.

There are two types of grand pianos and that’s where the price skyrockets up. The types are a baby grand piano and a grand piano. I would only suggest buying a grand piano, either type, if you are serious about playing piano and you’re an advanced piano player. The price can range from $20,000-$200,000 depending on the piano.

I hope you found this guide super helpful in your search for a piano. Learning the piano has been the best gift I have ever received and I hope you find the best piano for you.


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