Why you need to build skills

I think we are told endlessly to get good grades and go to college. And after, we’re just supposed to magically have a great job that pays a lot of money. That is false. If you are solely relying on any degree to be successful, you are sorely mistaken. You will need to be better than the rest of the pack. Everyone around you will have a degree, so what makes you so special with your degree?

In order to set yourself apart from other people, you have to be unique. Your skills will make you more hirable and attractive to job employers. Sadly, everyone wants to the best and not everyone can be. If you start early and begin building valuable skills, your chances of having a better life are greatly going to increase.

These skills have to be unique. I can give some examples:

1. Speaking a foreign language and becoming fluent in writing/reading- you will become more hirable at law firms, translator gigs will pay much more for your time, and you can reach more audience if you blog in many different languages

2. Playing an instrument- you could probably guess that I was going to write about this and you were right. Teaching music classes, making a website of your featured pieces, or sharing them on YouTube are all viable options to become better than your peers

3. Computer knowledge- knowing how to fix computers or smartphones can lead to a good source of income. It could start with friends and family, and eventually turn into an online business

Those are just a small subset of examples I can think of. If you are creative and skilled at something, you are going to become more successful. Start building your skills day by day, and slowly start watching your progress. Use these skills as tools for gaining jobs or earning money. It will take awhile, but nothing worth having comes easily.

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