Is blogging worth it?

This is part of my series of answering questions about blogging. In order to answer this question effectively, you really have to ask yourself why you are blogging in the first place. What is your goal? What do you want from blogging? The thing is… you aren’t going to see results immediately. It takes years sometimes for a blog to grow into a profitable one. And you have to weigh that into your decision before you decide to start blogging.

If waiting for a couple of months or years is okay with you, then blogging might seem worth it for you. In addition, if putting hundreds of blog posts out and getting no results is okay with you, then go for it. But please, do not think that blogging is a get rich scheme. It is not. And you will be very disappointed to find that out.

For me, blogging is about sharing my thoughts and it’s such a cool place to interact with other people. The community is very welcoming and I see blogging as a long term gain. I want to have my blog for years and years into the future. And I’m very happy with that outcome. That is why I think blogging is worth it for me.


2 thoughts on “Is blogging worth it?

  1. I started to blog back in 2005 because I wanted an avenue to express my thoughts, ideas and opinions. It also acted as my travel diary whenever I’m on overseas assignment. The second reason was to improve my command of English. Glad to say that the results have been more than rewarding.

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