My Work Bag Must Haves

I’ve found that if I don’t have my essentials with me every time I go to work, I feel like I’m completely unprepared. Sometimes I am away from home for 10 hours at a time. And if I don’t have gum or tissues, it feels like I’m not going to have a good work day. That may be dramatic, but that is honestly how I feel at times. If you’re anything like me, you have to always be prepared. It’s better to have more stuff than to have less stuff. And depending on your job, you will have different things in your bag. There are so many things that I carry, but I’m only going to list my MUST HAVES:

1. Gum

This might seem silly, but gum is an absolute must have. I never want to have bad breath. And most of the time, I’m drinking coffee to stay awake so coffee breath is a real thing. Coffee stained teeth is also a real thing. Gum will save you from having bad breath and embarrassing yourself. It will also help you get rid of whatever you ate for lunch.

2. Water

I’m not talking about coffee or soda. Plain water is absolutely essentialYou’re not going to feel completely satisfied by drinking soda all day. And soda isn’t good for you anyways. Coffee doesn’t really quench my thirst either. That’s why I keep water with me all the time. And when I’m talking all day, having water is a good call. There have been times where I haven’t had water with me and I was not happy.

3. Phone

Believe it or not, your phone is actually very important. I know it seems like it’s self-explanatory, but trust me. I don’t completely rely on it, but it is where my main source of communication is and where my schedule is.

4. Face wipes

I get really oily skin after a couple hours of working. And the only way I’ve been able to feel refreshed later in the day is by using face wipes. I recommend keeping one to two packets of face wipes with you.

5. Hand sanitizer

There’s nothing worse than feeling like your hands are dirty. I don’t always have the luxury of washing my hands all the time, so hand sanitizer has saved me on many occasions.

6. Glasses

This also seems pretty obvious, but I don’t wear contacts. If I happen to forget my glasses at home, I am almost guaranteed not to have a good day. I can see the road when I’m driving, but seeing music books and notes is a real challenge without my glasses.

7. Pencils

I know this might seem like an added luxury. Not everyone keeps pencils with them. However, have you ever had a situation where you needed a pencil and you didn’t have one?

8. Jacket

I use an extra jacket as a pillow. I sometimes have unexpected gaps in my schedule where I can take a break. And I use a jacket to nap with. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it!!

9. Phone Charger/Portable Charger


If there’s anything else I might have forgotten, you can leave your suggestions in the comments below! I want to write more blogs about this in the future


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