Something I’ve learned over the last couple of days is that there is not enough time. I don’t have enough time to complete all of my tasks. I’m a busy person and I have to have a lot of stuff done. There are many things I’m juggling all at once. I mean, you’ve probably seen my post about my calendar already. And you know that I teach more than 40 hours a week. So why am I so surprised when there is not enough time for me?

Even though I’ve been complaining about my calendar, I’ve actually been using it more. I’ve been writing in tasks too and that has changed the game for me. My productivity has skyrocketed! And I’ve been able to find time to do things. Now I just have to find time to practice the piano…

This hasn’t solved all of my problems though. I still want to continue with blogging. And it seems like I’ve only been able to blog every couple of days. Is that enough? I’m not sure. I have tons of content on this blog and my other blog, but I’m afraid that people will stop reading if I don’t consistently post new content. I’m not perfect. And I’m honestly doing a million things every single day. There aren’t enough seconds, minutes, or hours unfortunately to do everything -__-


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