Day in My Life

I don’t know if you guys are catching on, but I really like to post these day in my life blog posts. They are my absolute favorite to write at the moment. I want to talk about what it’s like writing and sharing my thoughts on the internet. I don’t consider myself much of a writer. I currently also teach writing classes because I’m very good at writing, but editorial writing is something I’m not very confident about. I’ve been watching a ton of Gilmore Girls and I cannot imagine living Rory’s life. She seems to have it all, but writing is not something she thrived off of. I don’t plan on publishing huge editorials and books, but whatever happens happens.

Okay, so welcome to another Day in My Life! Exciting right? Haha. Today, which is a Monday, I have a TON of things to do. My morning is going to consist of completing a bunch of tasks that I’ve been putting off. I have to call the music department about picking up trophies and certificates that my students got from their musicianship exams. I also have to complete my guest blog post in the morning (don’t worry, I’m going to update you soon about this!). And I have to do a bunch of scheduling stuff for my lessons. It’s going to be quite a busy day…then, I have to teach three lessons. The best thing is that I will be home by 5 pm! I’ve been coming home late these past days because I have 10 hour teaching days on the weekends. That’s what my Monday looks like. Am I looking forward to it? Not really. I would much rather stay at home all day and nap. But… that’s not going to happen. On the bright side, I’m going on two vacations soon again 🙂 and I’m super excited. My next blog post I’m planning on writing about is a continuation of how to improve a teacher’s lesson/class: how to make it fun and how to make it easy for the teacher. Stay tuned!

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