☀ ~ Summer Lessons ~ ☀

This is quite the controversial topic amongst piano teachers. From the many posts that I have seen from fellow colleagues, they are all aggravated by students leaving for summer vacation and putting their lessons on hold. To put it simply, they’re losing income for 2-3 months that they need to pay bills with. And that is important. It’s difficult. My solution to combating that problem is to offer summer lessons. And summer lessons can be advertised as versatile and flexible. Students can choose lesson times that are earlier in the afternoon. To be honest, I never really had students take a break for the summer before. And this is the first year where I’ve encountered this. It’s not really as devastating as other teachers are saying it is. I think students deserve a break and time to spend with their family. There are many students, however, that are staying in for the summer. And they continue with lessons as normal. That’s great also! Us, as teachers, have to learn to have empathy. This is not me bad mouthing my colleagues, but I want parents and teachers to see both sides of the argument. I love summer time! It’s probably one of the most relaxing times of the year and going on vacation is so much fun. I’m going on my vacation in five days, and I’m beyond excited for it. In summary, try to remember that a bad situation can be turned into a positive one. Learn to turn negatives into positives. And you’ll feel much happier.

Happy Summer Vacationing!



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