An Organized Calendar is EVERYTHING

It’s that time again in which I am grateful that I have my calendar. I have tried everything from planners to calendars on my phone. And what I’ve been discovering is that Google Calendar is the BEST calendar that i’ve ever used. It’s functional and it has so many customizations (which is great for someone like me). I’ll list a couple of things you can do with Google Calendar:

1. Color code different events

This makes it easier to see which lessons you have to travel to and which ones are in your piano studio 🙂

2. Put very specific time slots and keep them the same every week

3. Show weekly spreads or three day spreads

This allows you to see a couple days in advance and you’re also able to plan out the next day

4. Move your lessons for a specific week if that student is only moving their time for ONE week

And you can keep the same time slots for every week the same!

5. Remind you when your lessons are coming up

There are two reminders that you can use and I don’t use this feature, but it is handy

6. The app is accessible on your phone very easily

There are so many features, but I feel like the best way to see how the calendar works is through pictures:

I am so thankful that I have my calendar. I’ve been using a calendar since I started college. If there were more customizations, I would be all over it! Let me know what your favorite calendar application is!!


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