Life as a Teacher

“A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others”

I think it’s easy to say that teachers have it easy… they’re not really doing any difficult work. That’s the misconception though! We spend almost all of our time preparing for the day. I have to stock up on materials, make sure I have everything ready, buy all the books, plan out the schedules, make sure each student is on track, and more. So it’s not easy. It’s hard… really difficult, but worth it.

I was always working for someone. My job as a scribe was horrible to say the least. I didn’t get a lunch break even though I worked 10 hours straight. What does a scribe do? They work on completing medical charts for doctors and PA’s. I was also constantly told that I was not doing a good job. I mean, yeah, it was my first week on the job so I’m guessing I’ll make some mistakes! After about 3 weeks working there as a part time, they were still saying that I was making mistakes. There was so much to learn! I’m thinking it takes three months for someone to learn how to be good at their job. It wasn’t enough for them, so I quit. And that was my first job experience.

The longest job i’ve had is teaching. I think it’s the longest because I work for myself. I’m able to set my own hours and I am completely in charge of everything. There’s no one telling me what to do or how to do it. And that is a game changer. So, I spend most of my time planning out schedules and collecting teaching materials. At times, I have to practice teaching while I’m driving. Some concepts are difficult to explain, so I have to think about how to teach them. I love my job. And I bet you can tell by now! Being a teacher is the most rewarding job i’ve ever had.


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