A day in my *TOO* busy life

This is another day in my life and I want to take you all on the journey that is my Tuesday. Today, I had to go to a 12 pm lesson, and come back to practice my recital song and eat lunch. During the car ride there, I was practicing my recital song (I need a lot of practice lol). And I practiced on the car ride back and when I got home. Oh and I had to answer a bunch of texts and solve scheduling problems when I got home… I’ve been doing really well with keeping track of my weight and what I’m eating everyday, so I also used an app to track my calories. I decided to take a break and rest for now, until I just started blogging.

Around 4 pm, I have another lesson to teach and another to teach at 5:30 pm. In the middle of this time, I also have to practice the viola because I am wayyy behind on my practicing. I’ve been noticing that my life is slowly becoming completely raveled with music. And I kind of love it. It doesn’t even feel like I am working, but I am. That makes me so happy 🙂

After I teach my last lesson, I’m going to come back home and go workout. I took a break off of working out yesterday because my feet were cramping (I overdid it in the gym). And hopefully I can kind of relax the rest of the night.

Not all my days are this hectic, as you will probably see if you knew me. Every one of my days are pretty much like this. And I’m lucky if I even get to have lunch. However, I’m just thankful that I have time to blog right now. I probably won’t have time to blog on CleverlyBegun, but that’s okay. *Sighhh

In the future, if you guys ever plan to work for yourself, prepare for an uphill battle. I’m facing so much stress, but thankfully I’ve actually been getting sleep now. Cross your fingers for me!

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