Piano Lessons are a waste of money?

Most recently, I’ve discovered that the internet is a very difficult place to express your opinions openly. If you even happen to disagree with someone, they feel the need to attack you. There is an app, which I will not name, that has many flaws. And they’re not addressing it. However, the thing that I am upset about is that they are basically hiding any bad comments that they might receive. And then I found out that it’s illegal to make bad comments for an app or company.

I think this is really troubling because they are basically giving out piano lessons on this app. And that’s not what people are thinking when they first download it. They’re hoping to learn the piano for free, which I believe the app should offer. The more I think about it, the worse I feel. I feel like it’s an attack against piano teachers because they are leading people to devalue private lessons from an actual teacher. However, the app is not succeeding and it has led to a lot of backlash. And very discreetly, they are trying to eliminate all of this bad reputation and are continuing to make claims that they can teach you more. I can show all of the bad reviews, but I don’t want to have this post deleted either. The app has actually discouraged many potential piano players from continuing to learn 😦 and they are still charging a ridiculous amount of money for just an app. The admin have also decided to attack me for speaking out. And I don’t think that anything will change. They have a large community of admins that are guarding their comment section and retaliating critically to any type of negative comment. They’ve even disabled their commenting on most of their posts. I just hope that many of you reconsider using these apps because of all the drama it contains. And the lessons are not free.


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