Very Upset

I don’t want to talk about this too much, but today I found out that my piano/bass teacher that I’ve been learning from for 10 years had his house robbed last Thursday. I’m really upset by this. He had a bunch of stuff stolen from his home including an electric bass guitar and its amp. They also stole his briefcase, which he has been using for years to teach with, too. I can’t really explain how it feels to get robbed because it’s horrific. He works so hard for all of his things and he gives back all the time. It’s not like he makes so much money that it’s okay for him to lose a couple of things… I’m so mad.

If you think it’s funny to steal other people’s stuff, then I really hope you don’t read my blog. I would rather prefer you stay far away from me. It’s so disrespectful.

The end.


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