Getting an office?

I’m not a real fan of owning an office. I kind of like working from wherever I am. And that’s very non-traditional. I don’t think I do well with having a set place to work. I definitely wouldn’t mind having a giant desktop and a large desk, but my favorite place to work is on my bed with my laptop. Wow, that must be different but I love it.

I’ve also thought about purchasing a piano studio where I can teach my students. Traveling is something that I enjoy, but it can sometimes cause me to be very anxious. The driving time is extensive and I think I would feel a lot better if I could limit my driving time. If I had to pick some piano studio designs that I really like, I would choose something like this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love the concept of having a place that is yours. And I want to start collecting cool things that I can put in my studio. I currently carry all of my materials from house to house… it would be nice not to have to do that. I have some ideas for what I would want my studio to include:

1. Beanbag chairs that are extra comfortable

2. A really nice teacher’s chair

3. A desktop that has two screens for working

4. A wall to decorate with picture frames

5. Side tables with tons of drawer space

6. A comfortable rug

7. Lots of lights

8. A mini fridge

9. Tall trashcan

10. Personal restroom

11. A small bookshelf

A girl can only dream to have these things! But don’t worry, one day I’ll have all of these 🙂


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